Our Company

Architects Australia is a family practice, based in the inner city of Brisbane, established in 1975 by its Director, Graham Kildey (RAIA Fellow). Our portfolio spans the globe and covers a broad spectrum of work, including but not restricted to; retail, commercial, hotel & leisure, multi-residential, residential. In recent years our main role has been as lead architect for group KILDEY development company, designing small to medium scale, commercial, and multi-residential projects. We currently specialize in residential, multi-residential and commercial projects providing those unique skills only obtained through many years of experience in the construction and development industries.

Our Director Graham Kildey, has practiced as an Architect in Queensland since 1974, and was made a fellow of the institute of Architects in 2000. Graham has experience in the both the UK and Europe, on several multi-million dollar projects, the most recent of which, his winning design in the international competition for the design of a prominent Hotel & Casino in Seville, Spain, for the Spanish National Rail Authority. Graham is also a well respected developer in his own right, as director of group KILDEY; he has had several successful commercial and multi-residential projects in recent years. It is this dual knowledge base that has allowed him to achieve some remarkable development approvals for his client, maximizing the potential of any project.

Our Associate Director Brooke Kildey, registered as an Architect in Queensland since 2003, has just returned to us again, after three and half years working abroad in Dubai, UAE and the UK. She brings with her a depth of knowledge in recreation and leisure architecture, her successes include her role as lead designer of the winning commission for the distinguished Dubai Country Club, and as a member of the architectural team for the renovation of the Royal ASCOT racecourse.

Our only non family member of the Architects Australia team Kerri Eckert, is an newly registered Architect who has been our loyal employee since 2004, she continues to develop her strengths and experience in design and documentation of both new build and refurbishment to existing Multi-Residential projects while working with us, and has become an integral part in the practice.

Rounding out our team is Jan Kildey, Accounts Manager for Architects Australia. Her past experience working with the legal fraternity, and her many years experience alongside of Graham, make her skills, opinions, and contributions essential to the working process and office atmosphere.