What We Can Do For You

Architects Australia can provide you with Architecture & Sustainable Design, Interior Architecture & Design and Project Management services, for projects both large and small. We have an extensive portfolio in residential, multi-residential and commercial, as well as experience in retail and recreation architecture. Our registered professionals’ many years in both the architecture and development industries, in Brisbane, Greater Brisbane and Queensland, Australia and abroad, provides us with a wealth of knowledge and understanding that we can use to benefit you and your project.

Our design approach is a flexible but comprehensive one, which always begins with the client, we spend a great deal of time and effort in understanding our client’s requirements early on in the process, this ensures we stay on track throughout, creating a design that not only maximizes potential but responds to all your needs. We believe good design is in itself value adding, and will continue to deliver rewards for the life of a building.

Throughout any project we are able to provide 4 separate stages of Architectural Services, these can be commissioned individually or as a complete package; Schematic Design, Detailed Design, Documentation, and Contract Administration.

Schematic Design is the method by which the development of the concept design occurs. Through this process encompasses but is not limited to, budget, requirements of local authorities, character codes, zonings and appropriate climatic responses. Depending on the complexity of your goals or site, it is not unusual to require specialist advice from other consultants at this point in the project. We believe the act of appointing a consultant is a collaborative process where both architect and client input is essential.

Detailed Design involves the development of your approved concept, to incorporate materials and finishes both inside and out. It is you, the client, that is most important to this stage of the process, as it is your selection of Architect suggested materials and systems that informs the design resolution. It is usually during this stage that development applications are lodged.

Documentation occurs following the approval of the detailed design by the local authorities or certifier. The culmination of this stage is the production of a set of documents for the purposes of; calling tender, as the builder’s contract documents, for construction, and in obtaining building certifications. These documents may include both large and small scaled fully dimensioned detailed drawings as well as schedules and specifications. Documents prepared by other specialist consultants will also form part of this documentation and as the Architect it is our role to coordinate the preparation of these documents, to ensure the intended functioning of your project.

Contract Administration, requires us, as your Architect, to act in three distinct roles; your professional adviser, your agent, and as an impartial mediator, between you and your contractor, to value and certify; progress payments, contract value and time extensions if required. During this period we will periodically visit the site, to inspect works, attend site meetings, advise the builder, and issue instructions, should they be required.

Whether your project is a residential extension or a multi-story commercial development, it can be very stressful process, we know we have done them all, many times over, but our aim is to make the entire process as smooth and stress free as possible for you. It is our goal to demystify the process; and as a step toward this we offer all our clients an initial obligation free meeting.

So, if you are considering a new project and would like to identify the possibilities open to you, please do not hesitate to contact us, Architects Australia would be more than happy to discuss your options with you.