Australian Pavilion Venice Biennale

CLIENT: Cafe Di Stasio
PROJECT TYPE: Competition

A private competition, sponsored by Cafe Di Stasio.
OBJECTIVE: To inspire new concepts for the Australian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale site.
BRIEF: A pavilion for the exhibition and presentation of Australia’s contributions to the Venice Arts Biennale (52nd held 2007), and Venice Architects Biennale (10th held 2006). Exhibitions may be static, mobile, theatre, visual, sound/music, 3D constructions and video.
RESPONSE: To create a structure that not only embodied the ethos of the time, by creating an environmentally responsive design with low energy demands, but also by creating a design that reflected and married with its surroundings.
Our design took inspiration from the trees that covered the whole Biennale site creating a dappled light that dances with the breezes.
A geometric exoskeleton sandwiched between two layers of glass created the skin, acting as insulation, structure & shading.
An important part of our design was the way in which we opened the site to the canal and interacted with what is the life blood of Venice, taking advantage of the fortunate site location.