The Entrance

CLIENT: Group Kildey
BUDGET: approx. $700,000,000 AUD
DESIGN / DOCUMENTATION: 3mths – Design Tender
PROJECT TYPE: Mixed Use, Multi- Residential, Hotel, Commercial, Retail, Sport & Recreation
LOCATION: Old Gasworks, Newstead

The Entrance was a speculative design created as a submission to the Brisbane City Council when tenders were called for the sale of the properties owned by it and Origin energy. The design prepared by Architects Australia provided for a commercial centre, hotel, multi-storey residential buildings, as well as a large public plaza surrounded by restaurants and entertainment areas, a 2 ha metre harbour with marina to accommodate 80 yacht births as well as a public beach. It was proposed that the extensive area given over to the public could be afforded if residential developments on the site were allowed to go to twenty and thirty storeys. At the time these heights were above that which was contemplated by the committee in charge of assessing the successful designs. As time has passed it has become evident that the eventual development will more closely resemble that proposed by the Architects Australia team than that originally selected by the committee.