Luxury On The Beach

5 September 2008

Source: Redcliffe & Bayside Herald, 5th September 2008


A $500 million landmark development, including a 350-berth marina and 300-room hotel and recreation area, has been proposed for Bells Beach, Clontarf.

Plans include a 25-30-storey hotel shaped like a tall ship with two sails and a rotating penthouse restaurant.
The ambitious Dubai-like project is the brainchild of a consortium of developers, including Clontarf businessman Daniel Wos. Mr Wos said the project was really embryonic, and that it would take many years to obtain all the necessary approvals.
He said the project, proposed for the Hornibrook Esplanade adjacent to Pelican Park, would jut 400m out into the water and occupy 18.5ha, providing water sports, accommodation, restaurants,
shops and a park.
“It will be the first thing people see when they drive over the new bridge.’’

Mr Wos has been working with Brisbane-based architect Graham Kildey and a group of local and overseas investors.

He has met with the State Government and said the response had been encouraging but stressed there were many hurdles to overcome.

Mr Kildey said the project would provide significant environmental benefits in the form of fish habitats because the technology proposed in construction of the island and marina would be very similar to that used to build the Burj Al Arab in Dubai.

``It would also provide the benefit of increased stabilisation of the foreshore which had been identified by the Queensland Government as being prone to erosion,’’ he said.

Redcliffe architect Alex Enborisoff, who is not involved with the proposal, said Clontarf would be a great location for a marina

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