Townhouses Let You 'Live'

5 January 1992

Source: Property Yearbook

Townhouses are a 1990’s alternative. Instead of one house on a block of land, a townhouse means smaller house and less land.
For many, it’s a modern answer to the business of living, ideally with a good-looking well-designed smaller house and very little land to look after.

One example is Aspen In The Sun, a new development in Albany Creek Road, Aspley, Brisbane, opposite the hypermarket.

Proximity to the city is one ingredient of successful townhouse development, according to architect Mr Graham Kildey, principal of Architects Australia and also of the development company Nowrani Pty. Ltd.

“This is like a miniature housing estate,” said Mr Kildey. “Each little street will have bowers of trees, leopard trees in one, poinciana in another. What we have here are all the amenities that go with the open spaces. There are parklands, tennis court, swimming pools.”

The details here that make the difference are, for a start, one major antenna with a monitoring station give remarkably good TV reception without the need for a variety of aerials on every house. So the little streets look good.

Then there’s the full ring main around the property. You cant’s see it but it maintains hight water pressure at all times. The most conspicuous assets are the tennis court and swimming pools (which are cleaned by somebody else).

Mr Kildey prefers good street lighting to high fencing for security, so a series of attractive street lamps decorate this development.

“Its a lot more effective than big fences to light up the property,” he said. In addition every house is wired with its own security system.

“Most people coming here want to shrink their accommodation and the maintenance of big yards,” he said. And while the architectural theme is consistent, each house is different in shape or colour or outlook or front door.

The development of town housing with courtyard-sized back yards makes use of the site without hamming everyone together.

There are 27 in stage one, in to styles – split level and two-story, and 45 to come in stage two. Design is simple terrace-style with adjoining walls extended for neighbourly privacy.

Or in the split level designs there are bay windows fronts to ensure privacy and light.

The two-storey style has open living and dinner extending from front to back and out to the fenced courtyard garden.

The Kitchen with breakfast bar us nearby with lookout at ground level. Upstairs are two bedrooms, the main bedroom with dressing room and two-way bathroom.

In stage one prices are $142,000 and $155,000. In stage two, approximately $160,000. Rates and body corporate fees are estimated at a total of $1500 a year.

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